Top Italian Food in Levittown

About Us

Zio Gio’s founders John Marsella (also known as “Zio Gio” – Italian for “Uncle Johnny”) and Jim Nasuti have given new meaning to the term “early adopters”. The dynamic duo, who have been partners in the quick-serve restaurant business for more than three decades, have been surrounded by authentic Italian cuisine their entire lives.  John Marsella spent a significant portion of his childhood cooking beside his grandmother, who began preparing her family’s meals at 5 a.m. most days, making everything from scratch. Nasuti’s parents owned the iconic Dot’s Pastry Shop in Ocean City, NJ, and beginning at 11 years of age, his father would wake him up at 3 a.m. to work in the bakery.

Our scratch kitchen

After two years of menu development and recipe perfecting, the pair of Philadelphia-born Italian food lovers opened Zio Gio in December of 2014, bringing authentic homemade Italian cuisine to the quick-serve restaurant business.

In addition to preparing homemade gravy, slow roasted pork and chicken, meatballs and chicken cutlets from scratch, Zio Gio features mouthwatering cheesesteaks, delectable Italian sausages, delicious grilled veggie wraps, crispy fries, water ice and cannoli chips and dip — an innovative nod to the partners’ Italian heritage.

Utilizing the most high-tech culinary equipment, Zio Gio’s meats are slow-roasted to perfection, and crusty breads are baked fresh every thirty minutes. Meatballs and sausage are simmered in gravy throughout the entire day. Fries are served hot, fresh and crisp, and are seasoned with kosher salt and freshly dried chopped basil. Gourmet toppings, from spicy long hots to earthy Portobello mushrooms, come from local farms. Only the highest quality ingredients are used – or as Marsella likes to say, “Only the best for my famiglia.”

Our mission

Not an ounce of care is sacrificed for convenience at Zio Gio. Nasuti and Marsella have perfected the flavors of homemade Italian cuisine into a convenient, delicious experience that they are excited to share with you.